The BWR Motorsport Straight Rod Counterbalanced Crankshaft Kit (BWR SRCB Kit)

      This Crankshaft Kit is the ULTIMATE in design and materials.  The BWR SRCB Kit includes the following:

1.  Custom  VAR E4340 crankshaft   2.  Custom Carrillo connecting rods   3. CP or Wiseco super light weight pistons  4.  High strength wrist pins   5.  NPR Race ring pack   6.  NPR H.D. thrust washers  7.  Mahle Motorsport main bearings   8.  ACL Race Series coated rod bearings

 I invite you to read through the component specifications below and compare them to all other A Series motorsport crankshaft kits available. 

                                                                          Pricing starts at $5,940.00  

                                                      Designs for Classic Mini Cooper and Sprite/Midget.  

                            Most components are available in designs for use with Factory Style Crankshafts.